April 28th

ardentsonata replied to your post: Ah! Hello!

bleachedpoet is andrew xD

Oh, thanks!

 ruthbergs replied to your postAh! Hello!

oh my god those are the cutest tags ever *dead*

Calling my tags cute means that in some extended demented way I’m cute, which makes me extremely happy.

 ursineknight replied to your postAh! Hello!

Yeah, you know this kid. You live in the same city, I think!

Mhm! Rode the bus together for a year, we did.

 bleachedpoet replied to your postAh! Hello!

Andrew, thats me~ And now you know

And here it is, confirmed by the source! Herro! :D

ardentsonata ruthbergs ursineknight bleachedpoet suspicions confirmed
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