April 11th


Watch a Koenigsegg Agera R hit 250mph

If you’ve read the Guinness Book of World Records recently, you’ll know that Koenigsegg’s Agera R is fast. And very accomplished at stopping. But you probably don’t know what the Swedish hypercar sounds - and looks - like when it’s doing 250mph. Thankfully, there are people with camera phones to sate our curiosity.

Last week Koenigesegg got wind of an event on the Nurburgring and decided to take its Official Test Car, 7031 Streetfighter, plus the one that broke all the world records, to see what they could do on the Green Hell.

Click on the videoy bit and you’ll see a standard Agera R pounding down the 3.5 kilometer Döttinger Höhe straight hitting 401.6 km/h (250mph in TopGear maths) before having to brake for the bridge at Tiergarten.

Oooh, lovely. It’s really a rather cool looking super car- so many look terrible. But has it beaten the Veyron for speed? Yes, the acceleration and deceleration records are fascinating and useful, but for many people might not be able to fully appreciate it until it can compete with ground speed with the Bugatti Veyron (it doesn’t help either that TG spent a wonderful and long segment on the BV).

Koenigsegg 7031 Streetfighter
20120411 @ 2105